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Kilburn Lake Facts

Kilburn Lake is in Northwestern Ontario's Woodland Caribou Park, located on the Sturgeon River System, directly north of the mid point of Sydney lake.

Access to Kilburn Lake from Sydney Lake on water is through the Sturgeon River and through two narrows where there is a slight current and slow careful motoring or a few pushes with your paddle will get you through.  No portaging is required. 

Kilburn Lake has three arms the West Arm, the Centre Arm and the Trout Bay Arm. Each Arm is 4-5 miles long and has numerous islands, creeks, narrows and bays along them.

The West Arm

The West Arm is just over four miles long and angles to the northwest.  It is one of the best locations to see summer sunsets from just past the second narrows.

Travelling up the West Arm there are several superb shore lunch spots on islands and shore, but the most interesting ones are near the far west end with scenic views of rock cliffs. 

At the north end of the West Arm, water flows in though a creek from Middle and Upper Kilburn Lakes. 

From the West Arm to Middle Kilburn Lake there is a short portage of 250 feet.

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Centre Arm

The Centre Arm of Kilburn is the longest and the largest. It is orientated north south and accessed by a narrows that can remain hidden and is north of the Trout Bay entrance.

The narrows and Islands in the North end of the Arm provide great fishing for walleyes year round.  Pike fishing is best in the southern end of the arm in the large weedy bay and along rocky points on the west side.

There are several great shore lunch spots here on the islands and rocky points half way up the arm - at least half a dozen are really nice.  The north end of the arm is fed by a creek from Leano Lake that cascades though a boulder field. 

Look for the opening in the reeds big enough to fit a boat thorough and follow the two turns  to the base of the falls - this is best done during high water - be careful its rocky there.  Try a few casts below the falls in the hole, and take a walk up the portage trail on the right side of the falls

Trout Bay Arm

Heading directly north of the narrows one mile there is a path through the weeds on your right side with a beaver house on the north side.

Stay in the centre through this channel and you are on your way to Trout Bay.  The first Section is just over a mile and a half long heading north parallel to the Centre Arm. 

Then there is a 90 degree turn to the right and a boulder field,  watch it through this area.  Then north another mile and your are in Trout Bay - Scenic high cliffs surround the deepest part of Kilburn Lake at over 200' deep. 

As its name suggests Trout Bay is the best place to catch trout on Kilburn Lake.  At the north end of Trout Bay there is a small lake that can be travelled into in high water.  Its seldom ever fished but has a lot of pike and some walleye too.

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Lake Maps

Both regional lake maps and depth contour maps are available for Sydney and Kilburn Lakes

Lake Maps

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