Summer Fishing Trips

Summer Vacation Fishing Trips
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July and August Fishing Trips

  • Trophy fishing season - most trophies caught per guest are in July and August

  • Walleyes move slightly deeper off of reefs and islands

  • The best weather - average temperatures in the mid 70's - water is great for swimming

  • Classic deep water Lake Trout Fishing

  • Northern Pike fishing off rocky points and weedy bays

  • Active moose population frequents the lakeshore

  • Loon population groups up and makes daily circuits on the lake


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Summer Fishing

Northern Pike

July and August are the top months for northern pike fishing both in quantity and in size.  Great action is in sheltered shallow areas off of deeper water. Casting in fan patterns with your favourite plugs and spoons both shallow and deep are a great way to raise these monsters. 


The best Walleye fishing is in the first two weeks of September.  The walleye range from 18-25 feet during this time, with early evening feeding brining them shallower from 10-16' reefs, and drop offs to 18-22' near shore or in narrows are the best places to fish.   The most exiting thing about summer walleye fishing is a greater frequency of larger fish, especially trophies.  More on summer walleye fishing

Lake Trout

Lake trout like an average temperature of 53 degrees and will adjust their depth accordingly, but they will move out of position to feed.  The main lake is the best area to fish, look for 50 to 70 foot plateaus and fish the edge of a drop off to deeper water.   The larger monsters of the deep may be 90 to 120 feet deep.  8" bright flatfish or lazy Ike's and 3 to 6 oz weights work great for trophies.  A depth finder puts you at a great advantage. More on summer lake trout fishing

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What its Like


Summer weather is the most enjoyable for an all out vacation.  Water temperatures range from 65 to 75 degrees and is great for swimming.  Swim off the docks or go to the beach.  There is a trail from the camp to the beach around the corner, or you can hop in your boat to cruise to it. Fishing is generally better in the mornings before 1:00pm and after 5:00pm.  Temperatures average in the mid 70's with a range from the high 50's to the mid 90's.  On hotter days early evening thunderstorms are more frequent and we have a great vantage point to see the action.  July and August are the driest months most years but the occasional deluge can bring a rapid increase in lake levels of 2-3 inches overnight. 


Warmer weather brings the moose out of the forests and down to the lakeshores in the late afternoon and early evening.  Some of the best areas for moose sightings include Bottle Bay entrance and Boot Lake Creek; The Narrows at Kilburn Lake and the Centre Arm entrance, and in the north end Mineral, Moose and Tranquility Bays.  Of interest is also the congregating looks that group up from 70 to over 200 birds  and float lazily around the lake fishing and chatting all day long.