Spring Fishing Trips

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  • Non stop shallow water walleye action in the bays

  • Brilliant bright green leaves

  • Catch Lake Trout from shore in May

  • Catch pike fishing for walleyes frequently

  • Long daylight hours at the end of June


Spring weather is cooler and wetter than in the summer months and temperatures generally range more.  The average temperature in the month of May is 65 degrees with a range from 35 to 85 degrees.  June average is 68 degrees and a range from 50 to 88 degrees. Water temperatures are usually in the 50's in May and the 60's in June.  Make sure that you pack warm and cool weather clothes and neoprene gloves are a good idea too.


May and June you frequently see Black Bears, especially in the creeks where the fish spawn in May. Great locations include Cedius Creek in Tranquility Bay; The waterfall at the far end of Boot Lake,  Leano Falls at the north end of the Center Arm of Kilburn and Middle Falls at the North end of The West Arm of Kilburn Lake.  May is also a great time to see a flocks of Canada Geese heading North.

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Spring Fishing


After spawning in early to Mid may the walleye are hungry and feed hard.  Shallow Bays like Mineral, Hansen's, Tranquility and Bottle Bay offer great action. Remember to get your line to the bottom, and if you don't have a fish for 10-15 minutes you should probably move over a bit. Stay on top of a school and you will be amazed how many fish you can catch.

Lake Trout

During the first two weeks of fishing season Lake Trout are often shallow especially in the morning.  You can cast off of shore early and catch a great breakfast or get a great surprise Walleye fishing in a shallow bay.  Even though the fishing might be great shallow always take a turn or a cast a little deeper.  This often yields interesting results.  In mid to late June and early July jigging for trout in 40 to 60 feet of water using light tackle off of the break on large flat plateaus yields walleye like numbers with a little practice to get the feel for it.

Northern Pike

Big Pike often lurk near creek entrances and close to where the walleye fishing is hot.  Cast a little further down the shore away from the action or near creek entrances, both to the shallow and deep sides for these monsters.

lake trout fishing