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Natural Log Handcrafted Lodge

Sydney Lake Lodge is located on the midway point of Sydney Lake with a spectacular view of our expansive lake. The lodge is made from natural logs from around Sydney Lake.

The logs were peeled by hand, floated in a boom down the lake and hoisted into position with a gin pole and block and tackle. Each log was the scribed and cut to fit the one below it.

The lodge fireplace is made of natural granite stones from around the lake. The walls that support the sides and back of the lodge are also made of local granite.

The lodge is the centerpiece of the camp where you can relax and enjoy your evenings or for rainy days.

The camp location allows you to get to your favourite fishing spot quickly anywhere on Sydney or Kilburn Lakes. There are three general directions that you can travel; the north end, the south end on Sydney Lake and up the Sturgeon River to bottle bay and the three arms of Kilburn - The West Arm, The Centre Arm and the Trout Bay Arm. The central location of our fishing lodge make it a maximum of eight miles in any one direction

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Play Foseball or Watch the Big Game

Inside the lodge there are games, wood burning fireplace, a lounge, satelite TV area, and a lookout with balcony.

The games area includes foosball table and ping pong table. Groups and families often create thier own competitions to see who is the campion off the lake.

Poker table, chips and cards are also available in the lounge with chess, backgammon, cribbage and many other board games available to play at your discresion. The lounge overlooks the lake in the center of the building and includes the natural stone fireplace.

The satelite TV area offers comfortable viewing of the big game catch up on the news or simply to entertain.

Take a tour up the custom spiral staircase for epic views over the lake from the loft and the balcony.

Use of the lodge is free to all guests and we are continuallly adding new features so check back often.

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