Woodland Caribou Park: Fly-in Fishing Trips

Woodland Caribou Park
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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Woodland Caribou Wilderness Park is one of Ontario's largest wildlife preserves. Sydney and Kilburn lakes are contained within the park at the southern end. The park is approximately 80 miles north south and 50 miles east - west.

Unspoiled nature with remote acess preserves wildlife in high numbers of woodland caribou, moose, whitetail deer, black bear, wolves, foxes and more. The fortunate few who venture here have much better luck spotting wildlife than elsewhere in Northern Ontario.

The waters here are pristine, with exceptional fishing that has been preserved as it was centures ago.

Woodland Caribou

The Woodland Caribou herd in the winter and split up to have calves in the late spring. Woodland Caribou are a different subspecies than the Caribou of the Tundra. Their main diet is composed of lichens and mosses. It is the Woodland Caribou that is Pictured on the back of the Canadian quarter.

Woodland Caribou
Moose in Water
Painted Turtles
Caribou Swimming
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Woodland Caribou Park Location

Woodland Caribou Park is Located in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country, covers over 450 000 hectares from Red Lake in the east to the Manitoba border in the west.  Rowdy Lake in the south to Musclow Lake in the north. Home to one of the largest herds of  caribou south of Hudson Bay, this rugged arctic watershed, once traveled by fur traders, has abundant wildlife, ancient pictographs, and lakes and streams seldom traveled,  rarely fished.

Fly-In Fishing Trips

Sydney and Kilburn lakes are located in the south end of Woodland Caribou Park.  Wildlife abounds here and multiple sightings of a variety of species are common. Fishing in these remote lakes is better than average and more often than not, spectacular.  Sydney Lake Lodge offers unique Canadian fly-in fishing trips for walleye, lake trout and northern pike.

Catch walleyes, lake trout and northern pike all summer long.  Not just fish - but big fish too, Sydney Lake is located in Ontario's Trophy Waters, The premier destination for trophy fisherman world wide.

Canada Walleye
Lily Pad Flowers - Trout Bay Arm
Duck Swimming
Pelicans Fishing
Bald Eagle


Enjoy watching birds of prey fish while you fish. Bald eagles, golden eagles, pelicans, the great blue heron, loons, ducks, geese, and osprey are often seen fishing. Its a great tell as to where the fish are really active too.

Bald Eagles will often take fish right from the surface in one daring swoop and close to where you are. Sometimes the fish are too big and an epic stuggle, with you at center stage.