Fly-In Fishing Trip Planning

fly-in fishing boats and motors

Best Time to go Fishing in Ontario


The best month to go walleye fishing in Ontario is June for catching the most fish and July for the biggest trophies.

Northern Pike

The best time of year for catching trophy northern pike is the last week of June till the third week in August.

Lake Trout

Shallow water Lake trout is by far the best the last week of September but is also great early mornings throughout the end of May. Jigging for lakers is best mid June till the end of July, in 55 feet of water.

Fly-In Fishing Trip Packages & Reservations

View our 2 day to 7 day fly-in fishing trip packages and prices for 2023. Its easy to make your reservation you can Contact us via email or phone, our hotline is 1-800-437-9937 or and we can assist you in co-ordinating your trip and help you make your trip as easy as possible.

Hotel / Motel Reservations

We recommend that you are driving to come up the day before to Kenora and stay the night before your trip. Book well in advance as many of these are booked up months ahead of time for certain dates.

 Kenora Motels & Hotels


Recommended baggage limit is 100 lbs per person

To stay within your limits, weigh your bag / tackle box before you leave using a bathroom scale, or have a weigh in party the night before you leave. Don't bring a ton of lead in your tackle box than you wont use.

Avoid canned goods where possible and opt for frozen or dried instead.

Don't load coolers with ice before you leave, we have ice and cold freezers and fridges when you get here.

Pop and beer is available at the camp, if you let us know ahead of time at no extra transport cost to you.

For easier handling, baggage should be packed no heavier than 40 lbs. per bag, carton or cooler.

Recommendations 40 lbs food per person, 20 pounds of clothing, and 20 pounds of fishing gear, plus 20 lbs for special items.


This check list will assist you with your Fishing Trip Plan.  Beer and pop are available at the camp store.  Live minnows are available at the camp, leeches and frozen minnows can be ordered for your trip upon request.

There is a downloadable version of the list below.

 salt, pepper
 fish batter
 bread, buns
 potato chips
 peanut butter
 coffee, tea
 pancake mix

 medicine, Aspirin
 cough drops
 toothbrush, toothpaste
 comb, brush
 wash cloth
 skin cream
 lip balm
 shaving cream, razor
 shampoo, conditioner
 unscented sunscreen
 insect repellent
 spare glasses
 compass, road maps
 pocket knife
 first-aid kit
 flashlight, lantern
 camera, film
 pocket binoculars
 matches, lighter
 photo identification,
passport (for border

 airline ticket
 cash, traveler's checks
 extra set car keys


 flannel shirts
 rubber boots
rain suit
 hat (for sun
and rain)
 windproof jacket

 fishing rods
 rod tube
 fillet knife
 knife sharpener
 hand-held GPS

 needle-nose pliers
 spare spools
 fishing gloves
 extra reel with rod repair kit
 minnow net
 depth finder

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